Design that improves lives

Lifetools is a new range of aids and accessories for the bathroom designed to aid mobility in situations of mild or temporary disability. They are practical, functional tools that never compromise on aesthetics. The products are designed to integrate smoothly and harmoniously into the places we visit every day and are easily adaptable both to domestic situations and public locations.

Design for all

Defining Lifetools items as “Design for All” can be useful for allocating them a specific category. We are nonetheless aware of how complex the world of frailty can be and how vague the boundaries of the categories often are.

We prefer to think of Lifetools products as objects for all, because we all – in the various stages of life – might need them or, simply, enjoy using them.

Design for frailty

Bathrooms are notoriously prone to domestic accidents. However, using accessories that safely aid mobility often means sacrificing the appearance of the premises, creating a hospital atmosphere that can be disheartening to those facing these mild difficulties.

Lifetools believes that every object - while fully conforming to regulations - can be redesigned in order to improve both its functionality and its aesthetics. With this in mind, we have created the first collection of Lifetools aids that view frailty in a new, proactive light.

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