Slice Color

grab bar

Slice Color is an all-color grab bar in elementary geometric shape. Gentle curves at the ends create the illusion of an object part of the wall.
The use of top quality steel and powder coating treatments make the finish particularly resistant and pleasant to the touch, with no risk of corrosion or rust.
The exclusive Lifetools wall mount system with double fixing dowel and stainless steel clamping grain, provides a solid grip in all situations.
Available in various shapes and lengths, the Slice Color range solves various security and reduced mobility needs. Simple and elegant, it furnishes spaces with minimal impact on existing interior design.

Slice Color is a Class I Medical Device complying with the European Directive 93/42/CEE; D. Lgs. 24 February 1997, n. 46

design: nicola golfari

Slice Color

Technical detail

powder coated finish steel

45/55/65/95 cm, 45° angle,

Medical Device ID
1982436-1982439-1982442-1982446 -1982863-1982869-1982872