Design for a better life.

Lifetools is a new line of items for everyday use, designed to solve large or small problems we face.
They are tools to facilitate our life, designed to harmoniously integrate with the places we live in.

Lifetools believes that solving a particular problem does not necessarily mean creating tools that put aesthetics aside.
Lifetools understands the needs of the user and so researches appropriate solutions, knowing that designing useful and beautiful objects remains the task - perhaps at first sight trivial - of industrial design.

Design for us.

At Lifetools we believe good design is unique. If an object is well designed and serves its purpose, it does not necessarily need to be included in a specific category.

Defining Lifetools items as "Design for All" is perhaps useful to place them in the now endless universe of design categories. Categorizing is often practical and certainly very reassuring for the majority of people. However, Lifetools is aware of how much more complex reality is and how undefined the boundaries of such categories are.

At Lifetools we prefer to think that objects are for all of us because everyone, at some point in their lives, may need them or, more simply, take pleasure in using them.

Design for industry.

Designing for industry has a very precise meaning at Lifetools.
It signifies going back to putting the project at the center of the industrial process, recovering the ethics of industrial products and the positive values ​​of conscious production.

At Lifetools designing for Industry means planning for products that will solve small or large needs as well as following the process through, from the initial idea to its industrialization and final marketing.
It means working in close collaboration with the manufacturing plant: studying innovative solutions to optimize work processes, finding suitable solutions for solving technical and aesthetic issues.
It means improving the processes in order to constantly innovate output and mode of production, have direct control over that production, avoid delocalizing and, moreover, waste of energy.
It means designing durable and high quality goods, being sure to reduce waste and any impact on the environment.

In an era where everything has become digital - hence immaterial - objects will remain to witness the past. At Lifetools we believe that every item - even the simplest – are of great value if designed and implemented in the correct way.

La collezione Lifetools.

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